Bussolini / Design


Contract work & component library designed in Sketch.

Defining a Path for Future Designs.

I helped Oracle transition into using Sketch for product design. In addition to assisting with daily tasks for the design department, I helped implement a design system for Sketch. This included a new grid system and process aligned to implemented designs in production. I completed concept work around new designs, in addition to designing a contact widget used on their main site and responsive product page layout.


Sketch Design System


Interaction Design
Responsive Web Design
Sketch Component Library
Design Thinking

Revised 1600px Grid for Photoshop & Sketch.

To aid with future designs Oracle implemented a 1600px grid optimized for 1400px viewports. The logic is similar for Sketch or Photoshop creation and by applying this design logic to the component library it provides examples to the team for new file creation.