Bussolini / Design

Landmark iOS.

UX/UI Design & Creative Direction For a Social Sharing Application.

Share Location Information With Friends.

The core function of the app is to allow friends to share a location with each other. This takes the form of a direct message of the location to the other user’s map. So when James shares the cave you see to the left, I’m notified just like you would be if you received a Facebook message. Then I can reply back, add it to my personal map, or delete it. This system of sharing and building a map together with your friends will allow each user’s app and map to become completely unique to them.


Landmark iOS App


UX/UI Design
Creative Direction

Decide Who Sees It.​

A major component of Landmark is the ability to limit the privacy of a shared location. If you are a major social influencer with 100k followers, you could share your favorite Cold-Pressed Juice place to all of your followers, or if you wanted to invite your 10 closest friends over for movie night, you could do that. The user has total control over who sees their landmarks.