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Go Banking Rates.

Responsive Web Design & Creative Direction.

Optimized For Mobile Platforms.

Go Banking Rates was an opportunity to redesign an existing user interface with optimization in mind. At the time they had an 84% bounce rate and no mobile specific theme. Since the primary source of their traffic was through tablet views I constructed a flexible way of presenting the desktop experience. My work included a smart-phone specific theme and flexible desktop design handled by Bootstrap. This resulted in a 6% improvement on bounce within the first month, leading to longer-term retention through increased page views amongst site visitors. 

Go Banking Rates

Optimized Web Design


Creative Direction
UI/UX Design
Mobile Design

Research Driven Designs.

Prior to starting the work I took a broad look at the competitive landscape to see what factors effected other platforms. I looked at companies such as Daily Finance, Bankrate, My Bank Tracker, and Nerd Wallet to get a clear view of the industry and product offerings from each. I crafted my vision for the website based on the results of my findings.